The Noricin Chronicles: The Gottlehrling Goblet by Mark Sheldon Book Review

The Gotterhrling Goblet by Mark Sheldon Book 2 in The Noricin Chronicles

The Gotterhrling Goblet by Mark Sheldon Book 2 in The Noricin Chronicles

The Gottlehrling Goblet is the second of 12 installments in The Noricin Chronicles series by author Mark Sheldon. This tale brings you deeper into the mythology of the Norcinites and Dan Regal. Danger and mystery surround him and his friends at Snisnar school, and once again, Dan must defend his very life from the nefarious Scorpion.

School is in session at Snisnar and we are met with familiar faces. Dan has spent his summer alone at the school except for the company of Mr. Loeren who is teaching him to master defensive and offensive skills. When the students arrive back from summer break at Snisnar, Dan, Mike and Shelley are pleased to no longer be freshman. They face the new year with eager excitement until they discover the identity of a new faculty member and their class schedule.

Dan is experiencing the thrills of his first crush, the aggravation of dealing with bullies and enemies, and the threat to his life and those around him that he cares about. As he begins to hone his skills, it seems that the threat of the Scorpion is ever present and casting a foreboding pall over the school. Indeed it seems that the Scorpion is becoming ever more bold and gaining in strength. The attacks on the school and its inhabitants are also happening ever more fast and furious.The Scorpion is once again using his power to possess anyone he sees fit, and strange happenings and danger seem to be lurking around every corner. Though Dan’s life is in ever present jeopardy, he still focuses on his studies, determined to thwart the Scorpion. It is clear that the Scorpion and his evil minions the Dirae will stop at nothing to succeed in their malevolent plans. Before the year is over, Dan will be grateful for those he counts as friends and allies.

As we delve deeper into the Noricin mythos, we encounter poisonous Dragon Tears, Memorfictation, the origins of the Margatheans, and the Norcinite and Commen rift, the NDL and the Nemenites, and of course, the legendary Gotterhrling Goblet. The goblet is a Noricin heirloom, fabled to be possessed of miraculous healing powers and a gift so powerful that all men seek it. It is also rumored to be hidden within the walls of Snisnar. It becomes apparent that if given the chance, the Scorpion will use this heirloom for his own depraved and corrupt intentions. The extent of his evil will shock you as you discover a disturbing link between Norcinites who have embraced evil and history’s most prolific serial killers.

Amongst the challenges of final exams, the distraction of first love, riddles and secrets, mystery and murder, how will Dan and his friends manage to survive? The only thing that is for certain is that the Scorpion is hell bent on destroying Dan and the knowledge that not everyone will make it out alive.

To find out who survives the school year and if Dan will live to fulfill his destiny, you’ll have to read Book 2 of The Noricin Chronicles The Gotterhrling Goblet, but only if you dare. Available March 9, 2011, visit for more information.

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