The Summer of Unforseen Circumstances and Back to the Regular Schedule at The Scribe’s Desk


This was the summer of unforeseen circumstances. It is due to these unforeseen circumstances that I’ve been away from The Scribe’s Desk for the last few days. Mayhem has ruled the roost this week at The Scribe’s Desk headquarters and unfortunately (and with my apologies) the usual True Blood post you wait for every Sunday/Monday is MIA, but never fear. I will be posting an abbreviated version of the review and finish the week with some great ish.

And even though things have been hectic, chaotic and filled with the unforeseen this summer, things at TSD headquarters have been abuzz with a stellar amount of creativity that I can’t wait to share with you in the coming months. September is right around the corner which means the Youngling will be back at school and we’ll return to our regular scheduled programming at The Scribe’s Desk.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you, my wonderful readers, for your loyalty, your continued reading, and of course, for your patience. You rock!

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Kyra Dawson

By day I'm at Brighter Scribe or blogging at The Scribe's Desk about fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mythology, movies, TV, music, books, humor and some other entertaining ish. I'm also a published author who enjoys random acts of writing, video gaming, the art of fangirlling, and indulging my Inner Perpetual Teenager diligently. I'm also a regular contributor at Cinelinx and am passionate about giving back to the community.


  1. I understand how the end of summer can turn into madness! I think that you do a great job and we all look forward to having this log back to normal!

    • Awww! TYVM! My readers are the best and you are a perfect example of one. I'll have some good stuff during this next week. It has been madness this last week and I am looking forward to getting back to normal too. I love writing for you ladies and gents! 😀

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