‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Trailer Revealed at Comic-Con and It Rocks!

Comic-Con 2013 just keeps getting better and better. It really feels like this year people have pulled out all the stops and we at TSD can’t stop thinking that it’s Christmas in July! AMC’s smash hit The Walking Dead just had it’s trailer for season 4 revealed and it’s heavy on the Daryl Dixon. Check this ish out!

OH MY GOD! That’s all I kept saying because it was scary! It had what sounded like a Terminator-esque vibe. There’s a moment when a voice is heard on the car radio, very John Connors sending his survive message over the radio waves. With that kind of total devastation feel, The Walking Dead universe seems like it might be expanding into the great unknown. A great unknown filled with flesh eating walkers that is. Are you as afraid as I am that people are going to break up? Are Carol and Dixon ever going to get together? Or is she going to turn all fatal attraction?

At four minutes and twenty-six minutes long I was like, “Oh hell yes!” It was like oh my god run! Oh no! Oh no! And that was just a preview. I’m so excited. How can this show just keep getting better and better? Fellow Deadheads must be in a viewing frenzy!

And the best part? It’s heavy on the Daryl Dixon crossbow and everything. But wait… who’s he hugging like that?

The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres Sunday, October 13th, 2013 on AMC. Be there or I will presume you were eaten by a zombie.


Video Source AMC
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