Marvel Universe Movie “Thor” Arrives In May 2011

ThorHoly Marvel Comics Batman! Put down that DC comic book! The Marvel Universe is blowing up on screen! Enter the Thor movie! It will be directed by Kenneth Branagh (Much Ado About Nothing) which should be interesting.

These days all kinds of fantasy is possible thanks to the wonderful advancements in CGI and a digital film age. Hollywood has deep veins of cinema gold to plumb now that superheroes really do look as if they can fly or leap down from the heavens. Anything and everything is possible now and even the Norse gods want their day in the Hollywood sun!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard would have rocked in this role?

Chris Hemsworth is set to play the title role. Are you willing to give him a chance? He might surprise us.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor?

Look how much we love Andy Whitfield as Spartacus. Andy Whitfield is Spartacus and we had never seen or heard of him before. Maybe Chris Hemsworth will go down in pop culture history as the Thor. Who knows? What do you think about casting fresh faces in big lead roles? Ok, maybe Chris Hemsworth is a little familiar. He did play James T. Kirk’s dad in last year’s Star Trek afterall. And do you notice all these severely fresh actors from Australia all of a sudden? I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely diggin’ it! Love that accent!

Thor hits theaters May 6th, 2011. Mark your calendars!

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  1. I find it refreshing to see new talent do their thing on screen, but that's just me, I get tired of the same faces, though I do have my favs!!

  2. I think #Hollywood has had some real home runs with casting fresh faces. #ChrisHemsworth as #Thor is a prime example. It's OK when it works, but what about when it tanks like a torpedo? Will he have the same longevity as some of our favorite stars of yesteryear? Who are you tired of? Who are your favorite "old tired faces"? Who are your fave fresh faces?

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