Top 5 Movie Characters To Hang Out With

Top-5-Movie-Characters-To-Hang-Out-WithSo imagine you found a magic lamp while out walking the dog one day. And when you happened to rub that magic lamp a Djinn jumped out of that lamp. Now you’d think that you’d get 3 wishes, but alas, he’s just not that kind of genie. Instead he’s a movie buff like you and he grants fanboy and fangirl type wishes.

So he asks you, “If you could hang out with 5 movie characters who would you like to hang out with?”

I’ll tell you who I’d like to hang out with if I found that magic lamp. Here’s my top 5, starting with #5.

#5 – Lara Croft

Lara-Croft-Tomb-RaiderNothing screams girl power like this video game turned movie phenom character. This chick was cool even before Angelina Jolie took on the role in the movie franchise. Lara Croft can do anything. Have daring adventures, totally defend herself and kick some serious ass, discover priceless treasures and artifacts, has cool gear and amazing fashion sense. She’s tough, smart and sexy cool. If I could hang out with Lara Croft for a few days I’d feel like I could do anything too.


#4 – Thor

Chris-Hemsworth-Avengers-Age-Of-Ultron-ThorWho doesn’t want to hang out with Thor? Everyone from the mom next door to brilliant, cutting edge scientists want to hang out with this Norse god of thunder. He’s a pretty smooth talker with a great sense of humor and have you seen those cannons? I’d definitely ask him to take me to Asgard and for a tour through Valhalla. Taking a ride on the Bifrost intergalactic super highway would be a rush and a half. Maybe we could play the “Are You Worthy?” hammer game too. If he’s good enough for the Avengers he’s good enough for me.





#3 – Olivia Pope

olivia-pope-handledOlivia Pope rocks. She’s always on her A game. I’d ask her if I could say, “It’s handled.” I’d want to see what it’s like to be a gladiator for the day. I’d ask her why she wears so much white. Who’s a better kisser, Jake or Fitz? I’d ask her what she really thinks of Mellie and Cyrus. I’d get her to teach me her top 5 best strategies to handle anything. And we’d drink red wine and eat popcorn. Yep. Scandalous.

 #2 – Neytiri

Neytiri-AvatarThis Navi native of Pandora is killer with a bow and arrow. She leaps through the forest like a ballet dancer ninja and has the coolest pets. She could teach me a new language, teach me all about village life and who could pass up an opportunity to go flying on an ikran? Nobody, that’s who. Neytiri’s brave and kind and good and so beautiful she makes me want to be blue too.



#1 – Superman


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Man of Steel. I have been a superfan since I was 3 years old. I would get up every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn just to watch the Justice League cartoon for half an hour. He’s on my desktop wallpaper, my iPhone screensaver and I even sign off my texts to friends and family with a red, a yellow and a blue heart. And sometimes I’ll even add a little alien face just for fun. Yessiree Clark, if it’s Superman related I’m all over it. And yes. I totally, totally agree with the casting of Henry Cavill as this evergreen superhero.

For me, Superman is everything a superhero is supposed to be. And even though he’s an alien I think he epitomizes all the best in humankind. He’s good, and kind and brave. He’s smart, and selfless and sweet. He’s strong and compassionate and hot. It’s all definitely good in my books.  And if I could hang out with any movie character Superman would be my number 1 choice. Hands down. I’d ask him if I we could chill in the Fortress of Solitude, ask him how many super suits he has, and I’d try on his gorgeous red cape.

So that’s who I’d like to hang out with. If you could hang out with 5 movie characters who would you like to hang out with? Who do you think your friends would want to hang out with?


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