True Blood “Cold Grey Light of Dawn Review: “It’s All About Control”


This week’s episode left me screaming, “Nooooo! Not Jessica!” Then I remembered she’s a baby vampire and so she won’t burn as fast as Godric did so there’s hope left. But some vamps didn’t have a hope in Hades once Marnie, or should I say Antonia got her spell cast. For instance, Maxine’s neighbor went up in flames, curlers and all. No hope there. Every vampire in Bon Temps who knows Bill went to ground in silver, but no matter if you are Eric, Bill or baby Jessica, if you are a vampire you found yourself under Antonia’s control. And that woman seems to be all about control. The vampires have good reason to be scared.

Katie is playing Plants vs. Zombies, which is hilarious BTW, as she makes her way down to Bill’s dungeon. She’s tricked into entering Marnie’s cell when she sees Luis looking like he’s going to take a bite out of the witch. Katie threatens to shoot him with silver bullets but in one swift vampire move, he manages to disarm her and throws her to the ground. After Luis glamors her and ferrets some info out of her, Antonia orders that he kill Katie since she is a traitor. But Antonia won’t let him kill her the vampire way, nope. No blood for Luis.Once he’s done his job as executioner, Antonia gives him a message to give to Bill. Antonia Gavilan de Logrono has returned.

Pam is terrifying Tara and Naomi a bit before exacting her revenge. Tara predictably pulls a gun on Pam and Pam easily swats it out of her hands, but as Pam goes to finish Naomi with her fangs, Tara whacks Pam up against her head with a garbage can lid and a good chunk of scalp and blonde hair goes flying. I can only figure it’s because she’s rotting that these two girls even have a chance with Pam as angry as she is. Naomi gets the chance to scramble into Merlotte’s and for a minute you think she’s running for her life. Pam is holding Tara in the air by the neck so that her feet are dangling off the ground and wouldn’t you know it but Naomi has gathered a bunch of people to see the vampire violence outside. A crowd shows up with cameras snapping pics. So the show is over for now because Pam can’t be caught on film hurting a human in this post Russell Edgington world. Pam does make a spectacular and menacing promise to Tara to watch her back.

“I will hunt you down and shred you like confetti.”

Back in Mexico, Jesus is telling his grandpa off in spades. The news is out that Lala is a medium, grandpa just brought the drama to prove it to Lafayette is all. No harm done because he never wanted to kill Jesus. He knew all along Lala would save him.

Alcide and Debbie have officially become members of Marcus’ pack. Alcide is worrying over Sookie which doesn’t exactly thrill Debbie. Here it is a special night and he’s thinking about the faerie. Surprisingly, instead of throwing a fit Debbie agrees to give Sookie 10 minutes of their time and they go looking for her! And they find her alright…in the arms of Eric rolling around in the grass. Well, the look on Alcide’s face gives it all away, and Debbie doesn’t miss that look either, because while Alcide is looking at Sookie, Debbie is looking at Alcide. Oh boy.

Luis goes to Bill as ordered and gives him the message. Bill is surprised, and not just by the fact that Antonia has returned, but by the fact that Luis shoots him. Luis goes for the fancy stake to finish Bill off, but  Bill shoots Luis and there is a mad dash and scramble for the ceremonial stake. Bill manages to win that scuffle and questions Luis while holding the stake to his heart. Luis stakes himself and mutters the word, “Resurrection.” That can only mean one horrifying thing.

Tara and Naomi are sitting in Merlotte’s parking lot. Naomi wants to take off but Tara knows there is no running from a vampire. So she does the only thing she can do to keep Naomi safe. She breaks up with Naomi. Naomi leaves and Tara sobs. It’s sad but Tara didn’t really have a choice.

Jason is fantasizing about Jessica even though he’s trying not to and Hoyt rings the doorbell. He’s just checking up on Jason since Jess is over at Bill’s.  And he’s worried about Jason. Jason reassures him everything’s OK. But Hoyt isn’t. He’s having relationship problems. Not wanting to talk about Jess, Jason offers to make Hoyt some food. Oh boy.

Bill is bringing Jessica up to speed about Antonia. It reminded me of a dad telling scary ghost stories to a child. And technically Bill is Jessica’s father since he is her maker. And like a father he wants to keep Jessica safe and in order to do so he needs to tell her about the real danger that Antonia poses to all vampires.

“Okay. Well, I sure as hell don’t wanna fry in the sun.”

Bill gathers his sheriffs and orders them to tell every vampire in their area who chooses to stay must go to ground in silver. It’s not a popular command but it is the only choice they have if they, as Jessica would say, don’t wanna fry in the sun. They must brace themselves for the Resurrection.

Meanwhile Eric and Sookie are rolling around all over their house. Their relationship might be brief but they are definitely making the most of their time together. In the afterglow, Eric is listening to Sookie’s heartbeat. He asks her if she wants him to remember. If she would still love him if he was his old self. Sookie doesn’t sugar coat it and answers honestly that she’s not sure. But she really, really wants to.

Pam is suffering the torments of hell for the sake of beauty and is getting a peel. She has enlisted the help of the woman who helped Sookie after she was attacked by Maryann. The good doctor can’t stop Pam from rotting but she can get her to look pretty again and give her a bulk discount on her shots. And that’s 6 shots 4 times a day in the buttocks, arms and temples forever. Ouch!

Sam has taken Tommy to the hospital and thinks it’s a simple case of food poisoning. He’s all concerned too. Oh boy. Isn’t he going to flip when he finds out what Tommy did.

Bill visits Sookie and Eric to tell them about Antonia. Sookie thanks Bill and Sookie wants to spare him the details of their reunion so she shushes Eric who means no harm when he innocently and truthfully answers Bill’s question. Lol. Bill tells them about Antonia and knew Eric wouldn’t leave so he came prepared. Bill tells Sookie that if she cares about Eric she’ll make sure he’s silvered and leaves her the pile of silver chains he brought them.

Tara’s back on the bottle and stumbling aimlessly down the side of the road trying to wash away her sorrows. She hears a rustling in the woods and at first she thinks it’s Pam come to finish her off. Luckily for her it’s just Antonia. Antonia tells her that Marnie is no longer in control of her body and makes Tara an offer she can’t refuse using their similar pasts and suffering as the common bond that unites them. Something tells me Tara will live to regret this. Antonia is using her just like she’s using Marnie.

Bill’s prepping for the Resurrection. Jessica’s getting silvered by Bill’s employees and is howling in pain. Unable to stand her torment Bill takes over. Feeling pity for her he makes a bad decision and goes light on the silver, not even laying a chain across her neck. It’s a decision many parents make. They don’t like to see their children suffer so they go easy on their offspring even though it goes against their better judgement. And something always usually goes wrong because of these decisions. It’s universal, but I guess Bill doesn’t know this because he’s never really raised any children before. Even when he was a human he was away at war, so he didn’t really know any better. Sometimes what’s good for the child isn’t fun, Bill. Case in point: children must eat their vegetables so they can be healthy. Vampires must be silvered securely so they don’t fry in the sun.

Bill does however request that his man put twice as many silver chains on him. He should have put the same amount on Jessica.

Ginger predictably has the task of giving Pam her injections and getting Pam ready for the Resurrection. Pam is looking hideous but she is still glamorous all decked out in a pink suit with a fancy, quilted, and tasseled pink designer/custom made coffin. Ginger lays some fancy silver chain mail over Pam who screams in agony and voila. All ready.

Sookie is silvering Eric, apologizing and telling him she’s lost too many people and so she can’t lose him. Eric asks her to stay with him and she lays down beside him, determined to wait the ordeal out with him.

Jesus and Lafayette are talking about what it means for Lala to be a medium. Jesus is convinced Lala is the answer because he can connect with the dead just like Marnie. They don’t even know yet what is going down in Bon Temps. If Layfayette thinks he’s got troubles now just wait til he gets back home.

Sam gives Luna a call trying to be all flirtatious and doesn’t expect to be told off by her. He is baffled. I can’t help but laugh because this ish is getting more painfully funny. You know it’s going to be one helluva shock  for both of them when they find out what happened.

Tara is campaigning to get every Wiccan she can to help Marnie out. And she’s pretty convincing too. Despite her misgivings and her children, Holly decides to get on board with Tara and Marnie. Operation be safe from vampires for good looks like it will be a flaming success.

Bill and Jess are having a heart to heart. Neither of them know if they will live to see the night. Jessica confides in Bill that she doesn’t love Hoyt the way he loves her. She feels bad and Bill gives her absolution. Bill is just feeling bad about himself and his life. In turn Jessica tries to make him feel better. And she does put a smile on his face with her ferociousness. I almost think I would feel sorry for Marnie if Jessica got her fangs on her. And Marnie could actually say an evil spirit made me do it. Lol.

Eric asks Sookie to remove the silver and even though he asks sweetly and tries to distract her she’s won’t give in. He really doesn’t want to go back to being the old Eric. And as much as I like this little interlude, I want the old Eric back. Things will get really interesting then don’t you think?

Doggedly determined, Sam goes to see Luna. He actually thinks she’s playing hard to get which is comical and tragic all at once. Luna gives him the 411 by questioning him if he remembers anything and whether or not he has a twin brother and Sam finally puts 2 and 2 together. They both feel sick and freaked out. Oh boy.

Needless to say Andy and Holly’s date does not go well. Not only is Andy clueless, he’s also jonesing for V big time. I almost feel sorry for Andy. Almost. He takes off like the hounds of hell are nipping at his heels leaving Holly baffled. Poor Holly, but I think you just dodged some drama.

Lala’s back at work and sees Mikey’s ghost. She starts singing and it freaks the heck out of him. Poor Lala. Once the ghost is out of the coffin there’s no going back. Unless Lafayette learns how to control and work with his abilities he’s going to go crazy.

Later on in the intimacy of their bedroom Debbie reveals her insecurities about Sookie to Alcide. Alcide admits to worrying about Sookie but that is all because he is in love with Debbie. He promises to love her forever. Now I’m sure he’s trying to convince himself and Debbie that that is true, but it was written all over his face. We all saw it. It’s only a matter of time before Debbie loses her man to Sookie for good and goes crazy.

“I seek only the assistance of the willing.”

Antonia reveals her true self to the gathered witches. She tells them that they are at war with the vampires. She gives them the option to stay or go. Some go. Most stay. She tells them about Katie’s treachery and that she has paid for it. She tells them that vampires aren’t immortals. She tells them that humans are more powerful because their souls are immortal. She tells them that this time they can defend themselves. And they must strike or the vampires will destroy them in the worst ways possible. 400 years have passed and the time has come.  Antonia has her coven and it looks like she will get her revenge.

“Vampires are not immortal. They are only harder to kill.”

Sam confronts Tommy and he has had enough. Tommy has screwed up big time and there is nothing he can do or say to fix things now. Sam tells him to get the hell out. So much for being brothers.

Antonia begins to cast the spell that will destroy the vampires. She looks so righteous as she utters the incantation that will control the vampires and force them into the sun to burn. As she stands in the middle of the coven circle she levitates clear off the ground demonstrating her power. A mighty wind begins to blow throughout the shop and throughout Bon Temps.

Jason stops by Sookie’s but Sookie can’t talk because she is trying to make sure Eric doesn’t get up to go and fry in the sun. Jason does some fast thinking about what this means for Jessica and takes off running hell bent for leather. I love it that he thinks he can rescue her, but can he?

And here is where I gain a whole new respect for screaming Ginger. Even if you do think she is a screaming, ditzy, ninny, here’s the thing. Even though she is terrified out of her head half the time and probably isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer she tries her best to help her vampires. As Pam is screaming her fanged head off, screaming Ginger climbs on top of that pink coffin and hangs on for dear life, screaming. But I’ll bet she won’t let Pam out no matter what Pam says.

Bill, Jessica, Eric… It seems every vampire worth their fangs is screaming to be let out into the sun. And that witchy wind is blowing inside and out infecting them all with this crazy longing for the blazing orb. None of them are in their right mind.

Maxine’s neighbor goes up in flames right before Maxine’s astonished eyes, curlers and all, and even though it’s horrific I’m sure many of us laughed at the craziness of it all. And Maxine, well she knew her neighbor was a vampire all along and this just confirms it.

Jessica breaks free of the chains holding her to the bed. She tricks Bucky and snatches his keys to the silver jail. And even though Bill commands her as her maker to come back and to release him, she doesn’t. She crawls her way upstairs, opens the doors and stands in the blinding glare of the sun.

And here’s where I scream,”Nooooo! Not Jessica!”

Everything is falling apart and it seems like Antonia has all the control.

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