True Blood “Me and the Devil” Review: The Devil Is In the Details


This episode was full of bad dreams, glamoring, gator bait and dreams come true. Oh, and did I mention that Eric is in BIG trouble? Yes, the cat is out of the bag, or should I say the vampire is out of the cubby, and Bill is on the warpath. Tara and Sookie are on the outs, Sookie and Eric are definitely in, Pam’s vanity got the better of her and Terry and Arlene are definitely in for some bigger shocks. Tommy and Sam are bonding over gators and marshmallows and Marnie is still communing with spirits. Things are about to get hellish in Bon Temps and the devil is in the details!

Tommy’s being dragged around by Joe Lee with that chain until he’s unconscious. Or so we and the Mickens think because Tommy is playing possum. Tommy finally puts an end to both Joe Lee and Melinda with a pipe, though he didn’t mean to kill his mother. If she hadn’t have kept attacking Tommy, which translates into her choosing Joe Lee over her children again, Tommy wouldn’t have killed her. So now Tommy’s leaped from the frying pan into the fire and you know where he is going for help.

L, J and T are scolding Marnie harshly for screwing them over again and Marnie is protesting her innocence and claiming she was possessed by their protector. L, J & T are having none of it and they ditch Marnie in the woods. Every witch for themselves, I guess.

Speaking of being possessed, Arlene and Terry are discussing what’s happened and Arlene is convinced Renee is reaching out from the grave to possess her baby. So what do you do when a demonic killer wants your baby and wants to destroy your domestic bliss? Why, you call in a man of the Lord to cleanse your house, that’s what.

Meanwhile, Sookie’s resident vampire is having a bad dream. In the dream he skulks into Sookie’s room and watches her sleep and suddenly Godric appears and tells Eric that he is damned and he shouldn’t deny his nature and he should just drain Sookie. Eric is appalled because he thinks that Sookie will redeem him. And you knew it was a very bad dream because Godric was acting extremely out of character and urging Eric to bite a sleeping Sookie — which he does and Sookie screams her head off. Freud would say this dream was all about Eric’s fears that he would inadvertently harm Sookie despite how he feels about her. Eric wakes, shaken and sad and skulks into Sookie’s bedroom just like he did in the dream. Sookie wakes up startled and Eric tells her in that sweet and disarming way that he had a bad dream. So what does Sookie do? She does what any other faerie half inlove with a vampire would do. She comforts him.

Jessica and Hoyt are tucking a sleeping Jason into bed. Hoyt can sense that there’s something up with Jess because she can barely look at him nevermind hug him or kiss him. Miffed, Hoyt decides to stay at Jason’s instead of going home with Jessica. He doesn’t even say, “I love you,” to her which is so not like him. I feel sad for Jessica and Hoyt, don’t you?

Despite Bill’s edict, Portia is still stalking him. She arrives at his house and manages to plant a surprise kiss on a surprised and appalled Bill. Portia is trying to convince Bill that being together is not a crime but Bill is having none of it. Persistent Portia continues and Bill finally has enough. He glamors her into not being romantically into him. In fact, every time she sees him now she’ll run away screaming, which she does. Now wouldn’t that be a handy little trick?

Eric and Sookie are in bed together…simply talking. Sookie is just consoling Eric. It’s a very sweet moment and Eric confesses that he likes being next to her. That Viking just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter, doesn’t he? They speak of Godric and Sookie says, “He was the most human of all the vampires she’s ever met.” Eric is saddened to miss someone he doesn’t remember knowing. He asks Sookie if he can stay until sunrise. Sookie agrees as long as he can keep his fangs and hands to himself. “I would never hurt anyone as beautiful as you,” Eric reassures her and snuggles down to rest, tucking Sookie’s arm around him. I can hardly stand the sweetness at this point.

A rotting Pam goes to see Bill demanding retribution against the witch who cursed her. She’s wearing widow’s weeds complete with a veil which is so dramatic and so Pam, but I don’t blame her for hiding. I would too if I was in her dilemma. Bill is sufficiently disgusted, and ever the politician, promises to deal with it.

Lafayette and Jesus are off to see Jesus’ grandpa in Mexico to ask for some help against the vampires. Tara’s going back to New Orleans. Jesus shares a gruesome childhood memory with Lafayette trying to impress upon Lala the extent of his grandpa’s power and convince Lafayette that they need that power. They leave and Tara calls home in New Orleans. Unfortunately, Naomi has discovered that Tara isn’t who she’s been claiming to be.

Predictably Tommy has showed up at Sam’s for help with the Mickens’ bodies. Knowing Sam as we do, we just know he is going to help. At Merlotte’s, Sookie’s trying to do some sleuthing and starts coyly questioning Holly about her Wiccan activities. Holly is suspicious of Sookie and puts her off brusquely but politely, and Sookie listens in on Holly’s thoughts and gets the info she needs to do some detective work. That’s another little trick that would come in handy, wouldn’t it?

Jason and Hoyt are having lunch at Merlotte’s and Jason is telling Hoyt what happened to him. Jason overhears Holly talking about the full moon and freaks out, leaving a puzzled Sookie and Hoyt in Merlotte’s.

Reverend Daniels and Mrs. Daniels, a.k.a. Tara’s mom, show up at Arlene and Terry’s to do a cleansing. Predictably Arlene nearly puts her foot in her mouth by referring to the Daniels as “you people”, but manages to recover so there’s no scene. The Daniels continue with the comical cleansing, walking around the house burning sage after a joyful song meant to repel the devil. Lettie Mae also shares with Arlene that she was possessed by the devil. Arlene denies that they have a demon, they just have a ghost.

Sookie arrives at Moon Goddess putting on her best sweet and innocent act and requests a reading from Marnie. Marnie agrees reluctantly and they sit down. Marnie requests a personal item from Sookie and Sookie gives her a necklace. Now here’s where I start to get all skeptical and judge Marnie as a fraud, but to my surprise Marnie really does manage to open a gateway to the dead and connects with Sookie’s Gran. Gran has a few messages for Sookie. Take care of Jason, beware of giving her heart to Eric, and to stay away from Marnie because she is dangerous. Simply put, run, Sookie, run! Sookie who was eavesdropping on Marnie’s thoughts can hear her Gran and takes her Gran’s message to heart. She jumps up and grabs her necklace, pays Marnie and says cryptically that when her Gran says run, she runs. Sookie practically bolts from the shop leaving Marnie puzzled.

V addicted Andy pulls Sam over for goodness knows what and demands that he open the back doors of the van Sam is driving. Sam told Tommy to hide in the back and nervously does as Andy says, thinking all hell is going to break loose. But Tommy isn’t as dumb as he’s been looking lately and has shifted into a gator and scares the pants off Andy. This gatorly ploy works like a charm and a relieved Sam is able to go about his body disposing business with Andy none the wiser.

Katie arrives unannounced at Moon Goddess. Unaware that Katie works for Bill, Marnie starts crowing about their protector and is surprised by armed men who swoop in at Katie’s command and take her prisoner. So much for your protection, hey Marnie? That’s the thing about evil spirits, tho aint’ it? They are so unreliable.

Tara is at Sookie’s eating ice cream, drinking beer and pouring her heart out about her troubles on Sookie’s shoulders. And Sookie is trying to be a good friend, listening and giving advice (that she should be taking herself), and watching the sun going down. And you know what that means, right?

Meanwhile, Marnie is cooling her heels in Bill’s prison, chanting for protection and deliverance. Suddenly she falls into a trance and we finally discover why the evil spirit hates vampires so much. It appears that when she was alive witches were incarcerated by the church. And wouldn’t you know it but the holy clergy were actually vampires who feasted on the witches in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost. No wonder the evil spirit has a vendetta on vampires. Marnie, this isn’t a protector. It’s the evil spirit of a witch hell bent on revenge who is just using you. And when she is done using you she will leave you at the mercy of the vampires — if she doesn’t manage to annihilate all the undead first.

So Sookie manages to leave out a few important details as she visits with Tara — and don’t you know the devil is in the details — and the sun sets and wouldn’t you know it but Eric pops out of the cubby. So the cat is out of the bag and Tara and Sookie have it out. Tara brandishes a fire poker at Eric who easily disarms her, and all I can think is thank goodness she didn’t have her gun. Tara tears a strip off Sookie and Sookie defends Eric. We always knew that vampires would come between Sookie and Tara someday and they are now definitely on the outs. Eric learns about his past transgressions during Tara’s tirade, and Tara, enraged and feeling betrayed, flees as if her very life depended on it. And it would if Eric was himself, but luckily for her he’s not.

Bill questions Marnie over the intercom from the safety of his office with an anxious Pam hovering like the grim reaper over his shoulder. He’s asking her to reverse the spells and Marnie keeps claiming ignorance. Needing to question her face to face, Bill braves the wrath of the witch and enters Marnie’s cell. Before the evil spirit can even have a chance to think of possessing Marnie, Bill manages to glamor Marnie into compliance. (Is this a hint as to how the vamps can defeat the witches?) He questions her gently, trying to get the truth from her. Satisfied for the moment that she is telling the truth, Bill asks Pam over the intercom if she’s satisfied with the line of questioning and its results. Pam is anything but pleased, but she realizes Marnie is telling the truth and she might just be hooped for good.

Lafayette and Jesus arrive in Mexico and are shocked to learn that good old grandpa has been expecting them. Alcide gets an unexpected visitor by the name of Marcus Bozeman who is the Packmaster of Shreveport. Seems he has a problem with Alcide not registering with a pack and wanting to be a loner. Alcide however is not intimidated and holds his ground and somewhat politely sends the packmaster packing. But we know it ain’t over, don’t we?

Sam and Tommy dispose of the Mickenses in the lake, and Same lures out the gators with marshmallows. Sam confesses to Tommy that he’s killed people before. He even tries to make Tommy feel better by trying to justify the murders. Tommy is shocked that goody goody Sam has killed people. Well, it’s a detail that came in handy for Tommy when he needed some help covering up a couple murders, now didn’t it? These Mickens folk, I’ll tell ya. And is it just me or does anyone else think that Sam will regret sharing his dark secret that belongs with the gators?

Arlene and Terry are jumping the gun a little and relishing some new found peace and quiet in their newly cleansed house. They are reaffirming their love and happiness for each other, thinking everything is going to be fine now. But if we have learned anything from the slew of ghost stories we can watch on TV it’s the fact that the false calm always comes before the storm. And if those matches lighting spontaneously all by themselves is any indication, a huge storm is coming.

And just like we knew he would, Jason is having erotic dreams about Jessica. What we didn’t know is that he would also be having dreams about Hoyt. I wonder what Freud would say about that?

Back at Sookie and Eric’s place, Eric is asking Sookie if he really could have done all those things Tara said he did. He realizes he is capable of great cruelty. Sookie is trying once again to soothe him and admits to liking who he is now very much. Afraid that he will hurt her, Eric leaves.

And surprise number one. Sookie actually goes after him.

Surprise number two. Sookie asks him not to leave.

Surprise number three. Sookie holds out her arms to him.

We are not surprised when Eric goes to her and embraces her as she embraces him.

But we ARE surprised when Sookie finally gives in to her feelings for Eric and kisses him first on the cheek and then fully commits and kisses him on the mouth. And we hear Sookie and Eric fans rejoicing around North America.

During this romantic interlude, Bill has gathered his sheriffs to inform them of the Necromancer Threat. Bill is telling them that the AVL has imposed the edict that there will not be any dead humans. Pam, who is continuing to rot literally piece by piece, is rapidly losing her cool. She’s in favor of at least torturing the Wiccans. Now we have to forgive Pam for what happens next because she is not in her right mind. If she had been she never would have let it slip that Eric is at Sookie’s.

Bill is astonished, then stricken, pierced to his not beating heart… and then the rage sets in. I wouldn’t want to be Eric right now, that’s for sure. If Bill hated Eric before, he definitely will have it in for our favorite Viking now. And what about Sookie? Will all the love Bill had for Sookie go down the shower drain?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out next week’s sneak peek. Enjoy!

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