True Blood Quick Bites: Inside Episode 409 and 3 410 Sneak Peeks!

Can I get a show of fangs, please? How many of you are happy that True Blood has been renewed for a 5th season? I know I am. I wonder if season 5 will be the year of the wolf and we’ll see Sookie and Alcide hook up? How many of you are stoked for that storyline?

Anyways, I thought I’d post some True Blood quick bites. Let’s go inside last week’s episode. In case you missed it click the link for last week’s review of “Let’s Get Out of Here”.

  1. Do you think Sookie is greedy?
  2. Who do you think Sookie loves more? Bill? or Eric? Or is it just the blood?
  3. Do you think the Lafayette/Mavis storyline was corny even though it is a necessary storyline?
  4. Do think Terry and Arlene should still be super pissed at Lafayette for stealing Mikey?
  5. Do you believe in possession?
  6. Do you think Andy needs an intervention?
  7. Is it just me or is Alcide reminding you of a knight in shining armor?
  8. Do you think Eric will get his memories back? If he does, what will happen to him and Sookie?
  9. Will Alcide find out that Debbie fell off the wagon?
  10. Will Hoyt find out about Jason and Jessica?

Favorite quotes from episode 409 “Let’s get Out of Here”:

“I might be parrot-phrasing… a little.” ~ Jason to Jessica

“You got it, bitch.” ~ Lafayette to Mavis

Sneak peeks of episode 410 “Burning Down the House”.

Andy, Andy, Andy. How long did you think you could hide your ish from people? Well, looks like your number’s up!

Tara is some mad now. So is Holly. Antonia better watch out. We all know what Tara can do when she’s angry and she is enraged this time. As for Holly, well, she looks like the kind of witch who has no problem with getting even.

The remorse is starting to set in for Jason now that the deed is done. That boy just never learns. His weakness of the flesh gets him into trouble every time, and Jessica is trouble with a capital T.

There are only 3 episodes of True Blood left. Thank goodness for season 5. Unfortunately it’s going to be a looooong, excruciating wait and #waitingsucks. I can feel the #tbwithdrawal already.

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