True Blood “Spellbound” Review: Nothing Lasts Forever


This week’s episode of True Blood was filled with dire circumstances, confusion, rejection and more spells. Jason comes through. Jessica gets the boot — twice. Alcide breaks a promise. Hoyt shows his ugly side. Sookie and Eric fall even more in love while Bill works the camera. Eric falls into Antonia’s clutches  as easy as 1, 2, 3, and once again it is proven that witches and vampires just can’t get along. Everyday in Bon Temps seems to be filled with drama or a life and death struggle. Nothing is ever certain in this supernatural town except one thing — nothing lasts forever.

Right out of the gate we can breathe a sigh of relief because Jason once again put on his knight in shining armor gear and saved Jess’s life by tackling her to the floor and slamming the door on the sunlight. Looking like she had a bad case of sunburn, Jessica comes to her senses before she can rip Jason’s throat out. Grateful for the life saving rescue, Jessica kisses Jason. And not surprisingly he kisses her back very, very eagerly. It’s at this moment when I realize Jess and Jason make a way sexier couple than Hoyt and Jessica ever could.

Jason carries Jessica back to the dungeon where they find a worried Bill and a dead Bucky. Worried that Antonia has only ceased the spell to lull the vampires into a false sense of safety and catch them off their guard, Jess must be silvered again. And Jason is just the man to do it, and so he silvers her real good this time. He also agrees not to tell the law about Bucky’s demise.

Wanting to keep his pack safe, Marcus commands that they stay out of the vampire/witch war. Back in BT Sam visits Luna unannounced to let her know he quit Tommy for good and that he can’t forgive him for what he did to Luna. He also tells her who Tommy killed to become a skinwalker. And instead of sending Sam packing, Luna invites him in to hang out with Emma while she makes dinner. I’m not surprised she’s giving Sam another chance.

There’s some major moves going on between Eric and Sookie down in Eric’s hidey hole. Eric is injured and weak from the silver chains and since he hasn’t eaten since he drained Sookie’s faerie godmother, he needs some blood. And isn’t he lucky that Sookie is feeling generous? She offers him her blood and it is an ultimate gesture of trust. Eric doesn’t take it lightly and he offers her his own blood in return. Puzzled that he would offer this because she’s not injured, Eric finally gets Sookie to willingly drink  his blood when he tells her it’s so they can be one. The old Eric would be pretty impressed by the new Eric’s ability to get Sookie to share blood and a bond all in one night. And Sookie drinking Eric’s blood from the palm of his hand is symbolic and sexy all in one.

When Jessica returns home she breaks up with Hoyt and she is pretty cold about it. As he cries and and begs her in a most unmanly fashion not to leave him because he’ll die without her, Jessica looks on with contempt and disdain. Fed up with the theatrics she bashes his head in and goes out to Jason who is waiting for her. Before things can get too hot and heavy, Jess wakes up. That’s right. It was all a terrible, wonderful dream. I wonder what Freud would have to say?

Speaking of Jason, he just has his hero suit on tonight. After saving Jess and making sure she won’t try to fry herself in the sun again, he arrives at the scene of Beulah Carter’s demise. Everyone is speculating that it was a suicide, but Jason knows much, much better. He’s also just in time to prevent Andy from hitting a super disgusting and humiliating plateau by preventing him from licking Beulah’s blood clean off the ground. Andy is so far gone into addiction that he needs a serious intervention.

Not far from the scene Maxine is being interviewed and you can just imagine what she’s saying. Bill arrives and glamours the news reporter to give him an interview so he can deliver his statement to the press. It’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what hate against vampires can do. I have to give it to Bill but he is one slick politician, a smooth talker, he proves he’s sharp of wit as he goes head to head with Maxine, and he’s the best glamour-er I’ve ever seen.

Finally we get the infamous Sookie and Eric shower scene… sort of. They are basking in the high of each other’s blood and marveling at the wonder of each other (I can’t help the eye roll even though I’m a huge fan of this couple) and when Sookie turns on the shower snowflakes fall instead of water. Suddenly they are in a winter night time forest and a fur covered bed is smack in the middle of the woods. They run to the bed and fall into it and each other. All I have to say is that is one heck of a V trip.

Antonia is pissed at the fact that only 1 vampire has experienced the true death. Her handmaiden Tara is just as bloodthirsty as Antonia is and is eager to learn how to destroy vampires herself. Tara answers the phone when Bill calls for Antonia. Charming Bill convinces Antonia to meet him at midnight (isn’t that the witching hour?) in the cemetery (typical). And is it just me, or do you like Bill better without Sookie too? I think he’s being more himself than he has ever been. It’s a refreshing side to Bill that I’m really enjoying.

While Maxine is taking pics of what is left of Beulah, Tommy is skulking around in Maxine’s house absconding with some interesting items. It doesn’t take much to figure out what he’s up to.

Alcide and Debbie are hanging out with their new pack, and Debbie is more into it than Alcide. Does that have anything to do with a certain blonde faerie he just can’t stop thinking about? Thankfully there is a fight for Alcide to help Marcus break up to take his mind off Sookie. Wouldn’t he be irked to know that while he’s brooding about Sookie she’s busy pondering possibilities with her hunky Viking vampire lover.

Over at Merlotte’s Arlene and Terry are bickering about Mikey when Mikey’s ghost mama shows up and starts singing again. Lala walks into the kitchen and sees her and you know he’s wishing he didn’t. He walks out as quick as he walked in but not before the ghost and him take a good look at each other. I bet you Lala wishes he never let Jesus convince him to go to Mexico.

Tommy has transformed himself into Maxine and this is the LOL moment of the evening. Even though it’s Maxine you see on the screen, you know it’s actually Tommy inside that body. And when he opens his mouth it’s so funny because he could give the real Maxine a run for her money in the rude department. And he actually is going to make off with her money as he cuts a deal with the natural gas prospector. Tsk, tsk Tommy. You are just rotten to the core.

When Jessica comes home for real you immediately realize how bad things are between Hoyt and Baby Vamp because they do not say a word to each other and the tension is so thick you could slice through it with a pair of fangs. Just like in her dream Jessica breaks up with Hoyt, except in her dream she was mean to Hoyt. In the real life version of the break up Hoyt is super mean to her instead. The stuff he spews at her is so hurtful and cruel and he is mean as a rattlesnake. I didn’t know he could be so mean. I’m stunned and shocked. But then I remember he can be mean if he’s mad enough. Even so, what he does to Jess is pretty awful and I can clearly see that he is Maxine Fortenberry’s son to the core. As the coup de grace he gives Jessica the boot by rescinding her invitation to the house they once shared. She lands on the porch in an ungraceful, stunned and crying heap. Cold if you ask me, Hoyt. COLD.

Eric wants him and Sookie to run away from their problems and leave BT in their rearview. He just wants to be with Sookie forever but Sookie feels a responsibility to help Bill fight and protect those she cares about. She reminds Eric that he is a warrior and that nothing lasts forever. And it is so true. Both of them know it is inevitable that their romantic idyll is doomed to come to an end. Just when nobody knows.

After leaving Luna a message that he plans to drop by to tuck his daughter in, Marcus compliments Alcide on his alpha traits. Trying to bind the strong, mature and levelheaded Alcide to the pack Marcus dangles the carrot of advancement in the pack to Alcide. Alcide doesn’t bite though. This makes Debbie anxious. She can feel Alcide’s link to the pack is tenuous and that he’s not as eager as she is to be part of the pack. Her woman’s intuition knows it’s because of Sookie so she gets Alcide to promise he’ll stay away from Sookie. Besides, she’s got vampire baggage and didn’t their new pack leader make it clear to stay out of the vampire/witch war? Seems to me though that Alcide preferred being a lone wolf what with his alpha tendencies and all. I also think that Alcide shouldn’t make promises he can’t keep. Debbie’s going to lose her mind when she loses her man to Sookie, and we all know what happens when Debbie goes crazy don’t we?

Lafayette is catching some zzz’s at his crib and starts dreaming about Mikey’s ghost and what happened to her to keep her earthbound. Everything makes sense now, the doll, the writing on the wall, the annoying singing. Unfortunately now that the door has been opened Lala just can’t seem to close it and get a moment’s peace from the spirits. The guy can’t even take a nap in his own house without a ghost mama showing up and possessing his body. Geez, some spirits just have no couth. I just knew that spirit gave Lafayette a calculating gaze and that it would mean trouble for Lala.

Sookie and Eric visit Bill and pledge their loyal support in the war that’s brewing. Actually, they force him to accept and Bill knows he needs all the help he can get so he has to accept their help. Besides, who wouldn’t want a faerie who can blast her enemies with shiny white light and read minds on their team? Those powers will come in handy and Bill knows it.

It was bound to happen sooner or later that Marcus would drop by unannounced when Sam was over at Luna’s. He’s so not impressed when he sees Sam mowing his lawn, but he’s absolutely irate when he realizes his daughter digs her mama’s new boyfriend. He keeps his anger in check though because Luna threatens to call his parole officer if he starts anything with Sam. He does threaten Sam though, which is kind of funny. I wonder if he’d be so belligerent if he knew Sam isn’t one to mess with. Sam’ll shoot you and throw your body in the lake for the gators before heading over to Merlotte’s and acting like it’s all in a day’s work with no one the wiser. Look out Marcus. You just might get as good as you give this time around and find yourself sleeping with the gators. It also seems to me that Luna gets a lot of unexpected visits from the males in her life.

Thinking that now that she’s a free woman her and Jason can get together, Jess visits Jason at home. Even though she knows Jason feels the same way she does because her blood inside him tells her so, Jason doesn’t want to hurt his best bud. So, let me ask this question then. Why did you kiss Jess back so passionately, Jason? Hmmm? A little late for thinking about Hoyt isn’t it, Jason? And so poor Jess gets the boot for a second time in one night as Jason unceremoniously revokes her invitation to his house too. Once again Jess is out in the cold. This is just not her night.

And it doesn’t seem to be Lala’s night either. How is he going to explain sneaking into the Bellefleur’s place? An earthbound singing spirit with unfinished business made me do it? Is his possessed body really going to abscond with a baby that technically isn’t his?

Bill and Antonia arrive at the cemetery for their meeting but it’s obvious that it’s going to be a showdown and not a parley for peace since they both showed up with their posse. Bill wants peace but his offer and terms are extremely offensive to Antonia. Sookie’s surprised to see Tara on Antonia’s side, but not so much so that she doesn’t read Antonia’s mind. And luckily she does because she catches the head witch casting a spell and warns Bill. Antonia calls Sookie a demoness just as Bill’s bodyguards appear and train a bead on Antonia. Bill demands Antonia’s surrender but we all know Antonia isn’t going to go down without a fight. Before anyone can move Eric attacks a witch and proudly displays his trophy. WTF Eric? You’ve just thrown a monkey wrench into the negotiations. Antonia calls down the fog and everyone scatters and chaos ensues.

Tara shoots a vampire with her gun and out of the blue Pam disarms her (again). Lucky for Tara Bill shows up and saves her from Pam. Tara is all amazed that Bill saved her, but it wasn’t for Tara’s sake, it’s for Sookie. If Pam didn’t gloat she would have got her revenge on Tara, but she took too long and now Bill has commanded her to leave Tara alone. Pissed Pam takes off. Poor Pam. Always so close. Maybe the third time will be the charm. Just don’t gloat first.

While Eric is feeding on a witch and Bill is saving Tara, Alcide is frantically searching for Sookie and he doesn’t know it but Debbie is following him. I guess she didn’t believe Alcide’s promise either. Sookie gets attacked and mistaken for a vampire and she protects herself by shooting some white light out of her hands and blasting her attacker. She’s grateful that she’s starting to get the hang of her powers, but while she’s thanking her powers for their cooperation she gets shot in the stomach. Both Eric and Bill sense she’s in danger but they don’t come to her rescue. Alcide does. Just when you think the faeries might show up and take her, Alcide finds her and scoops her up to take her to safety. Debbie sees all this since she’s followed him and I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to have to save Sookie from Debbie before to long.

And the thought crosses my mind that neither one of Sookie’s vampires are there to save her. Bill is busy getting silvered because he got distracted and Eric, well, if he hadn’t been so busy feeding and killing, Sookie might not have gotten shot in the first place. And where was Eric when things went foggy? Shouldn’t he have stayed near Sookie? What was he thinking? He started the fight too. Geez, not too smart if you ask me. It’s like he’s some wild, dangerous, untamed and unpredictable creature even though he’s sweet and almost innocent.

Eric and Antonia meet again. As if he didn’t learn the first time that attacking Antonia head on will get you no where but spelled, Eric stumbles into the witch and thinks he can take her. Now Antonia has cast another spell over him and this time she has brought him to his knees. Once again Eric is at the witch’s mercy and she’s just stroking his hair like he’s some kind of pet.

So what does this mean for Eric and Sookie? Will their love and their bond be strong enough against whatever it is Antonia did to Eric? I suppose their loving interlude had to end sometime. Things are really getting shaken up in BT. This episode made it so abundantly clear that nothing lasts forever. Especially in Bon Temps. And just what is Antonia doing to Eric? Is she making a slave out of him? I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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