TrueBlood “9 Crimes” : Tangled Webs and Broken Hearts…You Want More?


Bill! For shame!

Bill! For shame!

Well, I have a few things to say. Here goes:

Bill: How could you!?! That was THE harshest break up call I’ve ever been privy to! And over the phone! What ever happened to your Old World charm and chivalry? Your true vampire nature has been revealed. You were very scary tonight. I’m seeing sides to you I never dreamed you were capable of. I know you’re just trying to keep Sookie safe, but come on!

Sookie: Poor Sookie. I just wanted to give you a hug. You were really crying like your heart was completely broken. (I so believed Anna Paquin‘s performance. She is one stellar actress. And she didn’t get an Emmy nod why?) I think we all felt the way she felt at least once. 90 days, Sookie. 90 days to get over Bill. Or would it be longer because he’s a vampire?

Eric: Oh, what layers you have! I love it! I love seeing your sensitive side. I can’t wait to see all your little fantasies come true.

Tara: Oh, Tara. Tara, Tara, Tara. Don’t you know loose lips sink ships? I know you were under his spell, but still! Don’t you know very few mortals are impervious to the vampire glamour? I know you’re a tough little scrapper, but close your eyes next time! Remember that the saying goes, you attract to you what you are! Franklin is your vampire mirror image. I knew he was going to bite you when you least wanted it. Oh, Tara. Be careful what you wish for.

Franklin: You’re one twisted devil! Although, every time I hear your name I can’t help but think of Franklin the turtle. Just what are your crazy plans?

Sam: I guess you can’t choose your family, huh? Sometimes it’s just too late to be a big brother. I hope Tommy doesn’t screw you over. Remember, nice guys finish last.

Jessica: I love watching you learn and grow! You are so adorable. Give you some time and you will be a vampire to reckon with.

Hoyt: Jessica is never going to be with you unless you are a vampire. Move on, or get bit.

Lafayette: You’s one lucky brother. You feelin’ me? It sure is great to have friends in high places. (And vampires for friends!)

Arlene: The truth always comes out in the end. Could it be Renee’s love child? You are in a fine pickle now. If you don’t tell Terry, you’ll break his heart when he finds out. If you do tell Terry, you’ll break his heart because you lied. Even if you’d told him the truth right from the beginning….well, you might have broken his heart anyway. Rock…Arlene…hard place.

Jason: Blackmail? Really?

Andy: Tangled webs. Deception is never a good thing, even if it is for a reason you believe to be right. You’ll always have regrets.

Pam: I hope for your sake Eric succeeds. I will miss you if you come to a permanent end. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more faithfully loyal. Eric will be grief stricken if you experience a true death. Will Sookie be there to comfort him? Only time will tell, but I hope Eric doesn’t fail and truly cares for you, and does everything he can to save you, his child. Hopefully your loyalty isn’t misplaced.

Alcide: Keep working out. It looks good on you. Oh, and FYI — you deserve someone WAAAAY better than Debbie.

Lou Pines: Love the play on words.

Lorena: You need to find someone else to love. Might take a little longer than 90 days though.

Russell: Can you say diabolique? A true vampire embracing vampire practicality and vice without regret or conscience you are.

Needless to say this episode was delicious as usual, and yes, I want more! There was indeed some serious f***ed up-ness in this episode. The lives of these fantastic TrueBlood characters are getting more and more tangled. Just take a sneak peek at next week’s episode!

~P.S.~ Recognize Alcide from anywhere? You might want to check out One Tree Hill.

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