TrueBlood “Fresh Blood” Recap: It’s Getting Dramatic Now!

Eric Confronts Russell

Eric Confronts Russell

Only one more episode left Trubies! Ack! I wish it weren’t so!

Tonight’s episode of TrueBlood was a fanging good one. Sookie manages to escape from Eric’s cellar thanks to the pissed off Yvetta the cardiologist. (That was funny! Lol!) Bill predictably had showed up like clockwork during this little rescue but was dealing with Pam and her colloidal silver spray. (Now, I originally thought she was going to spray him with garlic. How inventive to find another use for this uber tonic. Now every time I open my fridge and take out my silver, I am going to think of Pam.) Pam is spraying Bill in the face every chance she gets when Sookie, armed with silver chains, and Yvetta arrive upstairs during the brawl, and between the three of them they manage to overpower Pam and restrain her. Sookie and Bill take off and leave Pam with Yvetta; and we know Yvetta is going to head for the hills with some plunder once she’s certain Pam won’t be able to get away. Poor Yvetta. Doesn’t she know that Eric can find her or get Pam to find her? Would you betray a vampire? We all know that vampires never forget and rarely, if ever, forgive.

Sookie and Bill_A Snake In the Garden of Eden_TrueBlood

Sookie and Bill_A Snake In the Garden of Eden_TrueBlood

Just before the fight was on between Pam and Bill, Pam took the time to lay some heavy seeds of doubt in Bill’s mind about Sookie’s love for him and her feelings for Eric. Ever loyal to Eric, Pam hints that Sookie may be tired of Bill. She has found the chink in Bill’s armor, because he is already worried that Sookie may be falling under Eric’s spell, and he has for some time. I think he even believes it is inevitable. And things between him and Sookie aren’t exactly solid right now. Too bad Sookie wasn’t upstairs to hear what Bill said in answer to Pam. Maybe it would have put all of Sookie’s doubts about Bill to rest.

Jesus is fast on his way to becoming hooked on V after only one try. He certainly was sounding like an addict and La La certainly did look wearied by Jesus’ pleas to give it another go. Lafayette, of course, knows only too well the siren call of the V. How many times has he heard people jonesing for it? Now Jesus too? I’d get sick of it, too. Just as Jesus seems to be breaking Lafayette down with his pretty pleas, Lafayette gets a nasty V “aftershock” and sees a hideously frightening mask on Jesus’ face coming at him. Is Lafayette seeing the REAL Jesus? Well, freaked out, he asks Jesus to leave, listening to some gut instinct for survival. Being chained up in a basement waiting for a vampire to feed on you for dinner and escaping will hone your survival skills for sure. And in Bon Temps, you should listen to your gut. Jesus leaves, but he isn’t happy about it. And even once Jesus is gone, Lafayette is having bad hallucinations. I have a strange sense of foreboding, and obviously so does La La.

Crystal has managed to blow Jason’s boggled mind in a big way. After everything, now he’s got to try and wrap his head around the fact that the woman he loves is a werepanther. He thought it was just drugs, and he’s dealing with angry and disappointed vampires, and he’s also looking for his missing sister. It is not a good day to reveal you are a werepanther.  So he takes off to clear his mind, leaving Crystal at his place. Now, I sympathize with Crystal’s crap situation. Being forced to marry your half brother to continue the bloodlines? To have your only purpose in life to be a brood mare? Not appetizing in the least. However, I still say she is bad news. But, Jason loves her. He returns and professes his love quite clearly, trying to reassure Crystal and prevent her from leaving. And of course, true to form, Crystal grabs her opportunity to get Jason to accompany her to Hotshot to save the werepanther kids from the DEA raid. As much as Crystal wants a taste of the outside, she can’t leave her roots behind.

Jessica_I drink human blood.

Jessica_Flaws and All

Hoyt and Jessica are reaffirming their love for each other. They are finally speaking openly and honestly with one another. Jessica even goes so far as to admit that she accidentally killed the trucker. She also admits to liking feeding on humans and that she can’t survive on Tru Blood. She basically lays all her cards on the table, laying bare the awful truth of her vampire nature and daring Hoyt to still admit to loving her, flaws and all. After taking a moment to digest this info, Hoyt reaffirms his love and devotion. Crossing the last barrier, he invites Jessica to bite him. And that is an invitation that Jessica is only too eager to accept; to both their delight and pleasure. But how long will they be happy or safe? Mrs. Fortenberry had been scheming with Summer to keep Hoyt away from Jessica. Or should I say she schemed and used Summer as part of her scheme? I knew Mrs.F wouldn’t give up Hoyt that easily. Whatever happens, Hoyt will never forgive his mother when he finds out.

Eric has tracked down Russell at a museum where he is reminiscing about Talbot and holding his loverboy’s ashes while gazing at a painting, and a dead securityguard lays on the floor. In a bid to forestall his own death (and maybe that of others?) Eric tempts Russell with the ultimate vampire dreamdaywalking. And Russell is tempted. So tempted that he postpones killing Eric so Eric can show him the veracity of the fairy tale he is spinning. This news is the only news that would make Russell give Eric a reprieve on the true death. There is nothing else that would make Russell delay killing Eric. Even Russell had to admit that Eric was a clever boy. Pam takes that moment to call while being freed from the silver chains by Ginger, telling Eric that Sookie and Bill escaped and Yvetta absconded with the cash.

Tara visits Eggs’ grave all alone in the dark of night. I think Tara’s grief, and the trauma she suffered at the hands of Franklin is slowly driving her insane. When she confronts Andy at Merlotte’s, she does it with a stone cold disgust, and Andy definitely crumbles under her righteous and justified scrutiny. When Andy tells his version of events of Eggs’ death, she becomes eerily silent. I wonder what she was thinking at that moment. It just seems that she took Andy’s explanation too easily.

Sam is going through his own Greek tragedy and shows up at Merlotte’s raging drunk, screaming for whiskey, hurling obscenities at everyone and burning bridges left, right and center. After the mean things he says to Terry (poor Terry), Arlene and just about everyone else in his bar, he will sorely regret it when he’s sober. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s just tired of being a nice guy. Offended, Arlene and Holly leave, and Sam is put in the proverbial doghouse and left to wait tables and bus them himself. He even turns on Tommy, telling Tommy to beat it, and you could tell by the look on Tommy’s face that he was really hurt. He had really come to trust Sam, and Sam betrayed that trust with his drunken tirade. I certainly didn’t expect that nasty outburst from Sam. It was sad. But, Tommy is going to get even and hit Sam where it hurts the most — Sam’s wallet. Or should I say, Sam’s safe; and we all know what happens to people who mess with Sam’s money. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you in retaliation. The only one immune to Sam’s vitriol is Tara. They end up drinking together alone in Merlotte’s, commiserating and finding some comfort from their demons. It’s not too long before they end up in bed together. Will they regret it in the morning?

Holly and Arlene move forward with their solution to Arlene’s pregnancy. The ritual requires a decoction with a drop of Arlene’s blood be drank. Though Arlene is hopeful, Holly offers no guarantee that it will work. Later that night it seems that Arlene has lost the baby, and she must feign disappointment infront of a distraught Terry. They go off to the hospital and Terry is overjoyed to hear the news that the baby is just fine. Arlene isn’t happy at all.

When Jason left Crystal to clear his head, he headed over to the school football field, a place of happier times. Unfortunately, his nemesis Kitch is there practicing. As Jason watches, he realizes that Kitch is on V and threatens to expose him. Kitch laughs it off, telling a dismayed Jason that everyone knows about it already and condones it. Kitch leaves, taunting Jason about beating his record. Jason is left frustrated because even if he could prove that Kitch is on V, would the truth matter? This is just not Jason’s night, is it? So it isn’t too much of a stretch to think he needs to find something that he can do that will make him feel worthy. Crystal couldn’t have picked a better time to convince him to go to Hotshot with her.

Eric has waited a thousand years for vengeance.

Eric has waited a thousand years for vengeance.

As Bill and Sookie are driving, Bill questions Sookie as to why she went to see Eric. Sookie is vague and Bill just spits it out, questioning her on her feelings for Eric. Sookie deflects and turns the tables, bringing it down to the question of trust, but it is obvious that she isn’t telling Bill the whole truth. She probably doesn’t even want to admit it to herself, but Eric is coming between them. She still loves Bill, but is she still inlove with him? Or is there just too much between them now? She is tired of the drama though, so Bill jumps on the chance to spin dreams of a fresh start and a happy life. Sadly, they are dreaming of a life that isn’t theirs; and just when they get caught up in the happiness of what could be, WHAM! Russell and Eric appear out of no where and Russell stops the car with one hand. All four of them arrive at Fangtasia in Sookie’s little car. Russell ushers Sookie inside, an arm around her shoulders. Eric tells Bill to hit him and a mock battle ensues in the parking lot, giving Eric the chance to tell Bill that he has a plan. All Bill cares about is whether or not Eric’s plan will save Sookie. At this point, Bill has no choice but to trust Eric and go along with the plan, no matter his misgivings.

Once inside, Eric puts the plan into action, and Sookie is horrified to discover that her blood is like a “supernatural sunscreen” for vampires. It takes a nanosecond for her to realize that she is going to be bitten and no one is going to stop it. Not Bill, not Eric, not Pam, no one.

Now that we know that Sookie is a human-fairy hybrid, we only fully realize the extent of her allure by Russell’s enthusiastic reaction to the news. After all his 3000 years, he had never seen a fairy; and that can only be because he is so thoroughly evil and the fairies can probably sense his darkness from miles away. How clever they were to hide Sookie right in the midst of all the supes; which is thanks to her mortal blood. However, the fairy in her is strong, which is why she is so delicious and intoxicating. It is also why if a vampire drinks her blood, said vampire will be able to walk in sunlight. Bill did it. And Eric plans on doing it. And Eric knows that Russell wants it, too.

We finally see what Eric’s plan was and that he is willing to use anyone to have his vengeance. You’ve got to give him points for craftiness though. Though his plan is risky, he has found a way to save everyone from Russell in one fell swoop. Let’s hope that Russell will burn much much quicker than Eric so Pam will have time to save him. We all know that Pam isn’t going to untie Bill. Maybe Eric will give Sookie more of his blood to revive her and when she wakes, everything will be Bill’s fault, and she will be even more enamored of Eric — and more closely bound. And even though Bill gave up the truth of her blood to Russell, playing right along with Eric — and right into his hands (remember Eric’s scheme to completely undermine Sookie’s trust in Bill?) — in a bid to protect Sookie and save her life, the fact remains that he omitted the truth from her. And that is tantamount to lying. It is so over for Bill and Sookie now. She also told Bill she hated him. I realize it was in anger and she proclaimed to hate them all, but once you say those words to your lover…Well, there really is no going back, is there? Even though Bill only went along with the plan to save Sookie’s life, she watched him with accusing eyes the whole time Russell and Eric were feeding on her. You just can’t recover from some things.

Despite Eric’s devious machinations, there were moments when his tenderness and affection were clearly evident. He and Pam shared a tender moment of goodbye. It is probably one of the few moments we may ever see the softer side of Pam. The blood tears in her eyes are tears we will only ever see her shed for Eric, and Eric isn’t immune to them, kissing her forehead tenderly.  His feelings for Sookie were written all over his face and so obvious in his gentle caressing of her cheek that it makes one wonder if he is actually in love with her. (Has Eric finally found true love after a thousand years?) Even Russell must have seen the hesitation, and having no sentiment for humans of any sort, he hustled things along by grabbing Sookie by the wrist and taking a bite out of her. Not wanting Russell to get too much of a head fang on him, Eric sank his fangs into her neck as Sookie screamed, horrified and unable to save herself.

Bill risks all to save Sookie_Even losing her.

Bill risks all to save Sookie_Even losing her.

Bill can only sit by helplessly squirming and unable to do anything about it, and we all know he is fuming that these other vampires — one of them his acknowledged rival — are violating the vampire code. How many times have we heard him say that Sookie is his? Now he must sit and watch  as others ravenously feast on her for no other reason than vengeance and the mad desire to rule the world. How Bill must wish they could go back to the pre-Mississippi days. Even though he agreed to this, knew it would happen, seeing Sookie put in that position is killing Bill.

All things end even the immortal.

All things end even the immortal.

Eric walks outside into the daylight as Pam and Russell watch avidly, the sight of a fellow vampire walking in the sun bringing tears of joy to their eyes. And Eric is clearly overjoyed to feel the warmth of the sun on his skin, to hear the song of birds on a bright and beautiful morning. Though it is delayed, he does start to smolder slightly, wisps of smoke rising from his skin. His back to the camera outside Fangtasia, he offers up a silent Viking prayer that Russell won’t see it. He needs Russell to believe Sookie’s blood works as protection from the sun long enough to lure Russell outside. Filled with euphoria, Russell does emerge from the dark of Fangtasia and into the sun. He is lost in wonderment, and when Eric turns to face him to reveal his burning flesh, Russell can’t react swiftly enough to stop Eric. Eric clamps handcuffs on their wrists, joining them, stating how they will die together. Kneeling on the pavement, Eric says to a roaring Russell to be brave, while inside Bill is pleading with Pam to release him so he can feed Sookie who is laying lifeless on a table.

So now both Eric and Russell are going to burn. I know Russell is older, but will Eric outlast Russell long enough to be saved? Or will he meet his true death? Well, at least he got to kiss Sookie, whatever happens.

We gotta wait two weeks, but here’s a sneak peek at the season finale of TrueBlood thanks to True Blood’s Nest!

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