TrueBlood “I Smell A Rat” Recap : Heartache and Revelations

You know I am finally going to kiss you Sookie Stackhouse.

You know I am finally going to kiss you Sookie Stackhouse.


Sometimes, when watching TrueBlood, I forget that it can’t last forever. Alas, only TWO more episodes left. Can you believe it? So let’s get to it…

“I’m a fairy? How fucking lame.”

This was Sookie Stackhouse‘s first words after Bill revealed to her that her lineage lay with the Fae. Personally, I think it’s totally (f-bomb!) awesome, but, enough about me.

Finally! A revelation! To appease her dismay, Bill rambled off a few other cool names, but Sookie wasn’t thrilled to say the least. Bill also told her all about what he knew about the legends and the fact that he had met Claudine (not so surprising because Bill and Sookie share a blood link) and the whole stealing Sookie’s light warning was briefly discussed. At least now we know why every supernatural being within 100 miles of Miss Stackhouse seems to be drawn to her. I think Bill used the words intoxicating and delectable. He also told her that all supernaturals in existence believed the Fae folk to be wiped out of existence by none other than vampires. (Because they are so tasty, of course.) Well, that is an interesting fact. Explains why Bill was drawn to her in the very beginning.

And our boy did fess up, and I warmed up to him again. He admitted her blood is the most intoxicating and delicious blood he’s ever tasted. That was hard, but in the end, Bill did a bang up job of reassuring Sookie’s inevitable doubt about his reasons for being with her quite handsomely. And Sookie did question the veracity of Bill’s love for her. Doubt is a rotten seed, isn’t it? But Bill did sow those seeds, didn’t he? Is it all because of the blood? Bill admitted it had been at first, but now it’s her heart and soul and mind that he loves. The fact that her very existence in his life brought the light back, gives him hope and fills him with gratitude…*sniffle and wiping the tear from my eye.*. How romantic. He even offered never to feed on her blood again just to prove to her it’s not her blood that makes him love her.  (It was like a glimpse into the nuptials of their alter egos. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer said “I do” on Saturday! Congrats to the happy couple!).

Although it was a lovely reassurance, Sookie still has doubts. And rightfully so.  Eric comes to Jason’s house and Bill answers the door. They leave to talk privately, leaving Sookie asleep on Jason’s couch. (You know she’s not going to remain sleeping for long!) Eric divulges that he knows what Sookie is, they briefly discuss the power of Sookie’s Fae blood, the power it gives vampires to walk in sunlight,  and the fact that Eric killed Talbot, which is why Russell snapped and set the vampire cause back a thousand years — and all this occurs conveniently just before Sookie interrupts Bill and Eric’s little tete a tete. Bill gives Eric a look of warning, and for some reason Eric heeds it, and you just know Bill’s still not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Damn you Bill for playing with my emotions! After Sookie gives Eric a piece of her mind, telling Eric she’ll never give him what he wants now that she knows what it is, he says a cryptic farewell, hinting at his inevitable demise.

I do not care for Jason’s character arc this season. He seems like a bully and selfish and confused to me, and if anyone is turning dark, it is Jason. I can, however, see how the Fae blood is coming out in him. Explains why he was so good with the ladies. It explains why Crystal is so drawn to him. After killing Franklin and saving Tara’s life, I couldn’t help but think, will Tara forgive Jason for killing Eggs now that he saved her life? Does it cancel each other out? Well, the answer is no. First, he confesses his sins to Sookie, needing to remove the burden of guilt that weighs on him like the weight of the world on Atlas’ shoulders. But he is still racked with guilt, and Jason’s admission to Tara after sharing a kiss with her (talk about bad timing Jason!) just unhinged a traumatized Tara that much more. And rightfully so! She had been staying at Jason’s with Sookie, Tara’s last place on Earth where she feels like she can trust someone,but after hearing the truth she took off. Can you blame her? But now she’s out in Bon Temps madder than a hatter and a little unhinged right now, methinks. There seems to be no end to Jason’s impetuosity, bad decisions and general all around (f-bomb!) ups. He was also supposed to be keeping an eye on Sookie for Bill, keeping her safe from Russell and the weres while Bill slept, but while he was unburdening his guilt and admitting to killing Eggs to Tara, Sookie slipped out to see Eric at Fangtasia.

Crystal, Calvin, Jesus and Lafayette make a stop at Lafayette’s. Why? Because Lafayette decides to pull a Dr. TrueBlood to save Calvin’s life. Is Calvin thankful? Hell no! He takes off without so much as thank you kindly and Crystal follows him. Once out of earshot, unlike many fathers and daughters before them, Calvin freaks out that Crystal allowed them to give him “vamper juice”. Nevermind that two seconds earlier he was knocking on death’s door. Like many fathers and daughters before them, they argue about Crystal’s future and her obligation to her bloodlines. No surprise that she refuses to marry Felton because she doesn’t love him, and runs into the woods away from family, from obligations and essentially who she is. She’s hoping for normalcy, far away from a world where none exists. Angered, betrayed and obsessed with the preservation of pure bloodlines, Calvin disowns her.

Can you saw meow with a capital M?

Can you saw meow with a capital M?

Where does Crystal go? To Jason, breaking through a window in the bedroom and appearing to him in panther form. Boggled, Jason can’t help but stare as the black panther morphs into the woman he loves. *Sigh*. Par for the course in Bon Temps.

Sam has more than a skeleton in the closet of his unhappy past. He has two skeletons. It seems Sam isn’t as squeaky clean as we thought. We all knew he used to steal, but now there is no doubt he will get revenge if you double cross him. At least he doesn’t have Felton’s blood on his hands as well, much to the relief of his staff who look at him sideways the next day wondering when or if he was going to snap again. Tommy, however, is filled with pride, mistaking fear for respect. Sam is not impressed at all. Sam also takes a moment to inform the new girl Holly, who offered him some Wiccan medication, that there’s no dancing or religion in his bar. We all know why, too, don’t we?

Hoyt dumps a persistent and determined Summer and finally tells Jessica how he really feels about her. Fangs and all. (Way to man up, Hoyt! Hooray for you!) The question is, does she love him? Gripped with indecision because she feels like she doesn’t deserve him, Jessica doesn’t answer because she is speechless and Hoyt leaves Merlotte’s. Outside in the parking lot, Tommy appears and taunts Hoyt, and Hoyt, fed up with Tommy, gives Tommy a solid left hook. Getting up off the ground, Tommy shifts and attacks Hoyt from behind, injuring Hoyt’s arm severely. Jessica comes to Hoyt’s rescue, tearing Tommy (who she doesn’t know is Tommy because he is in dog form) from Hoyt and launching him into the woods. Seeing how badly Hoyt is hurt, Jessica at first must control herself and then she does what a vampire inlove with a human does when that human is hurt. She bites into her wrist and orders Hoyt to drink so it can heal him. At first he refuses, but after Jessica tells him that she loves him, too, he does latch on to her and begins to drink greedily. If Hoyt wasn’t hooked on Jessica before, he will be now. They are linked by the blood. Meanwhile, Tommy is spying from the bushes, and we all know he will be up to no good because of his attraction to Jessica. He keeps making moves on Jessica, and Hoyt is an undeniable rival. And we all know how Tommy looks at rivals. It’s in his blood.

I've had enough of you badmouthing vampires!

I have had enough of you badmouthing vampires!

Not only did Arlene have a confrontation with Jessica (and this confrontation makes Tommy even more enamored of Jessica) after making bad comments about vampires again, she also decided to tell Terry the baby she’s carrying isn’t his. Stunned, Terry took a minute to digest the news before comforting Arlene and being her shoulder to cry on. He reassures her that it doesn’t matter, trying to soothe her fears that the baby would be evil because it was Renee’s, and promises to surround it with more love than it would know what to do with. (You’re such a good man, Terry!) This does not comfort Arlene who is hell bent on not having the child. She goes to Holly looking for a solution.

Bill cautions Jessica to show restraint especially now and not track the bigots who vandalized their house and placed a burning cross on their yard.  Yet because Bill doesn’t follow his own advice and is unable to restrain his own anger with Jason because of his worry for an absent Sookie. Jason had been stewing in his own feelings of being a failure for not being able to keep Tara or Sookie safe at his house under his protection like he promised Bill. He didn’t need Bill rubbing taking him to task for it. Bill’s anger is like a match on the dry tinder of Jason’s humiliation and feelings of inadequacy, and he provokes Jason into a nasty rage.  Lashing out at Bill and revoking his invitation to Bill to be inside his house (Sookie told him this little tidbit) makes Jason feel powerful. He has forced a powerful vampire that he fears to his will. Unable to refuse, Bill is literally forced out of Jason’s house by the power of Jason’s rescinded hospitality. It was like Jason was a wild animal that had been cornered and proved he could be vicious if he needed to be. The look Bill gives Jason when he realizes he has no choice but to leave and that Jason isn’t as dumb or as intimidated as he thought is priceless.

Bill, it seems has alienated every human he knows. Tara can’t stand him, and rightfully so, and this fact puts Sookie and Tara at odds once again. It has come down to Tara drawing a line, fed up with vampires, and she breaks under the stress, finally telling Sookie what happened to her. Despite their differences, there is no denying that Sookie and Tara love each other, but it isn’t the first time a man — no matter if he’s alive or undead, it seems — will come between best friends.

After seeing the power of the blood right before his very eyes, Jesus is entranced with the idea of trying V. Which is shocking in and of itself because I thought he was so much on the straight and narrow that he was square. Well, he succumbed to the allure of the magic of V and Lafayette is a willing accomplice in Jesus’ experimenting. What begins as a good trip, turns frightening and we get a clearer glimpse of the story of Jesus. And here I thought everything was going to be smooth sailing for Lafayette and his love interest. I should have known better than to hope. It seems Jesus has mystical shaman bloodlines and they may just have summoned the devil with their little foray into the land of V.

How can you care more about Sookie than you do for yourself or me?

How can you care more about Sookie than you do for yourself or me?

Eric is brooding, and is busy making last wills and testaments so his affairs are in order when he is killed by Russell. Why he is so assured this will happen is uncommonly pessimistic of him, but I’ll run with it. Maybe he’s just being practical. I mean, there is a what — a 2000 year difference between him and Russell? I guess he just thinks it’s the natural order of things that he will not survive. Pam, on the other hand, is not taking Eric’s defeatist attitude well. Eric is almighty in her eyes, and she would do anything to save him. Maybe even go against his will? By reminding Eric about the depth of his feelings for Godric, we are shown just how deeply the frosty Pam feels about Eric. It matters not to Pam that she will be a wealthy woman upon Eric’s demise; but it does matter to Yvetta, and let me tell you, she is not a happy camper after hearing first hand that she will get nothing. Eric makes it very clear that she is worth less than nothing to him and then some, and no woman reacts well to being told she is a gold digging whore. Isn’t there a saying beware a woman scorned? While Pam is giving Eric ultimatums and showing her anger with Eric for valuing Sookie over his life and her own, will Yvetta be plotting an I’ll get even with you and get mine sort of betrayal? You never know.

I do know that Eric never does anything without a reason. He shows up at Jason’s to apparently talk to Bill and say his farewells to Sookie, (remember that little tete a tete with Bill that I mentioned earlier?) but we all know better. He knows Sookie is drawn to him because of more than the blood, and she is. She dreamed about him coming to her at Jason’s house, and the chemistry between them is undeniable. And though we know he is on one hand exploiting her curiosity about him and her attraction to him, we also know he has feelings for her. So when she shows up at Fangtasia, lured by his deliberately cryptic farewell, I believe him when he says he will regret it if he doesn’t kiss her before he meets the true death. Their kiss is passionate, filled with all things left undone and yet to come between them, and definitely not one sided and ended to soon if you ask me.

His reason for luring her to Fangtasia? To take her prisoner because he has a plan. He always has a plan. He wouldn’t be the Eric we know and love if he didn’t have a plan. Let’s hope it works, whatever it is.

You play Talbot and I will be Russell and I will be grieving OK?

You play Talbot and I will be Russell and I will be grieving OK?

Last but not least, we find Russell as crazy as ever. Not only has he given Nan the job of damage control and the Fellowship of the Sun a chance to crow I told you so, he’s looking for a temporary replacement for his lost love, Talbot. And he finds one in a sketchy male prostitute who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. (BTW, do you recognize the guy who plays the lost soul? It took me a moment, but did you have an OMFG moment when you recognized it was Navid from 90210?) Well, in typical twisted Russell style, he kills the poor hapless guy, staking him in the heart. No one will deprive Russell it seems of anything — not even the right to say goodbye to his beloved Talbot. Nevermind that it was a human substitute. That’s a small technicality. In Russell’s deranged mind, he was saying farewell to Talbot for reals. Yep, Russell has definitely lost his (f-bomb) mind. TrueBlood is a whole lot of fun, isn’t it Trubies?

So, Bill is still hiding something, and Sookie is Eric’s prisoner. She’s chained up down in the basement of Fangtasia, a collar around her neck similar to — if not the same one — that was around Lafayette’s neck once upon a time. Is there going to be a showdown between Eric and Bill, too? Well a showdown is coming, maybe more than one. Is my head going to explode? I hope not. I still have two episodes to watch this season! Here’s a preview of what’s to come on next week’s TrueBlood episode “Fresh Blood” thanks to True Blood’s Nest.

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