TrueBlood “Night on the Sun” : Love and War…And a Whole Lot of Cryin’

Farewell, Talbot. R.I.P.

Farewell, Talbot. R.I.P.

Oh boy. TrueBlood just keeps blowing my mind! So….just a quick recap with spoilers….R.I.P. Talbot. I will miss you and so will many others.

Sookie wakes up screaming and terrified of Bill, waking everyone up and scaring them half to death. Bill looked like he wanted to crawl away and wallow in self disgust. He knows he is the cause of her terror and that she is justified in her fear, but it still smarts dreadfully. After getting a hold on herself, Sookie asks everyone to give her and Bill a moment to talk. This scene between Sookie and Bill broke my heart. They both love each other so much still, but they both realize being together is causing nothing but pain and putting Sookie in danger constantly. Realizing that he cannot give Sookie the life she deserves, Bill loves her enough to be noble and let her go. “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse. And I will love you forever.” These words spoken by Bill are accompanied by his blood tears, and after removing the IV from his wrist that delivered his life saving blood to Sookie, he leaves, leaving Sookie to sob wretchedly because her heart is aching and breaking. Many tears for them and me. But how can she ever trust in him so completely ever again? Even the depth of his love couldn’t stop Bill from attacking her and feeding on her. Granted he was dying and out of his right mind, but the fear remains. Very painful — but they are linked by the blood, so you just know Sookie and Bill are not quite over yet.

Russell and Talbot are quarreling about their state of affairs, Queen Sophie Ann moving (very reluctantly) into the mansion, and the little matter of Russell killing the Magister.  Debbie’s pissed which is to be expected over Cooter’s death and hot for blood. Laughing, Russell nonchalantly promises Debbie that she will get a chance to “play” with Sookie first. This seeming mollifies Debbie, for now, but she is a women convinced Sookie is the reason for all her woes. Bewere a woman who feels wronged.

Russell doubts Eric’s loyalty and Eric blithely convinces him that Russell is exactly the vampire, the leader he has been searching for for a thousand years. “Because I have been searching for you for a thousand years.” Eric states this with great earnestness and is very believable that he is Russell’s loyal servant. There were so many double edged words uttered by Eric in this scene it was delicious. Eric goes so far as to call Godric weak. And we know without any doubt that this is so very NOT true! How determined Eric is to avenge the deaths of his family that he will go so far as to malign his beloved maker. Eric is out for vengeance and Russell has no idea whatsoever.

Arlene dreams of Rene, and her fear that the child growing in her womb carries his evil blood and wakes up screaming. Luckily Terry is there to comfort her, but unfortunately for Arlene, his comfort cannot stop her demons from haunting her.

“As your maker I release you.” In an attempt to distance himself from everyone, convinced he only brings pain and suffering to those around him, Bill tries to disentangle himself from Jessica. She, however, is as stubborn and tenacious as Bill is old fashioned and uptight. And she is lonely. Bill isn’t immune to the fact that she hurts, and again he knows he is the reason she hurts, and so he is not able to abandon her. Her sobbing breaks through to his heart, even one as sore as his. Her pain answers his. As her maker, he is the closest thing she has to a parent now. He must look out for her, teach her and care for her. And she has the love and devotion a child has for her parent. Both desolate and isolated, their bond is not only reaffirmed, but strengthened. It was a very poignant and touching scene. It also made even more evident the bond shared by a fledgling vampire and their maker is deep and powerful. As much as Bill wants to remove himself, he cannot ignore the bond. Bill comes to realize that he must trust some “supe” sometime,  and you just know Jessica will be deeply loyal and have his back.

Sookie and Alcide share a tender moment on the couch back at Sookie’s place, Alcide pointing out she needs protection even though he knows she can protect herself. Andy and Jason barge in, Jason madder than a hatter and wanting to press charges on Bill for his attack on Sookie. Of course Sookie defends Bill, and trespasses in Jason’s mind briefly, discerning that Jason is hiding something from her. Jason storms out, still madder than a hatter, leaving Sookie to worry that he might do something reckless.

Lafayette comforts Tara, making sure she doesn’t have a death wish. Tara reassures him that once faced with death she realized how desperately she wanted to live, but not willing to share anything more. Lafayette lets it be, his presence adding even more solace and safety to the daylight.

Sam and Tommy’s mother show up at Sam’s door — as a dog. Sam hastily ushers her unclad form into the house. She packs a large suitcase and makes ready to depart. Before leaving, she makes a point to declare her love for her sons, even if they hate her. She also begs cash from Sam, who gives her what’s left in his wallet and she beats a hasty retreat. Tommy is left sobbing and Sam places a comforting hand on his shoulder, understanding if not indulging in tears himself.

We are reminded that Tara is linked to Franklin by blood, which means she experiences tantalizing dreams of him and it is clearly evident that this causes her understandable dread. Lafayette’s mom Ruby Jean makes an appearance, showing up at Lafayette’s house throwing things and talking about vampires and witches coming for him. What does she know? Why is she crazy? What happened in her past? It’s not just coincidence that she speaks of vamps and witches. This reminds me of the detail that if a mortal sees a vampire they will go mad. Hmm. Ruby Jean just got a whole lot more interesting.

Sookie and Tara argue again, mostly about Sookie pining after Bill despite his nearly killing her. Tara leaves in a huff, but not before sizing up Alcide, expressing her hopes that maybe he will be able to flirt some sense into Sookie. Alcide is left perplexed and I was left laughing heartily.

Crystal shows up unannounced at Jason’s all wet, having swam so they couldn’t track her scent. We all know who they are and we also know now that Crystal is at Jason’s home, he’s not going to let her slip away. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t feel good about this relationship. I am worried about Jason. He’s becoming a little to big for his britches and goes looking for trouble, showing up at the Norris’ and seeing something he can’t quite explain. It freaked him and me out big time! He still manages to threaten Crystal’s dad verbally and with the business end of a rifle before taking off. Like I said, I am scared for Jason. He doesn’t know what he’s messing with. And now these suspected supes are definitely going to mess with him.

Tara is having trouble at work keeping it together, flashbacks of Franklin dogging her, and Sam is there to give her a shoulder to literally cry on. Arlene hires a new waitress for Sam and is surprised when the woman named Holly knows she pregnant, asking if Arlene has a name for the unborn, and barely noticeable baby yet. Arlene is not so surprised that she doesn’t warn Sam not to sleep with the new girl.

Jesus keeps warning Lafayette not to let his energy go dark, agreeing with Ruby Jean that Lafayette is powerful. What does that mean? And what does Jesus know? What is Jesus other than very into Lafayette? Is everyone supernatural in Bon Temps? I guess we’ll see since it looks like we may see more of Jesus after that kiss. I’m so happy for Lafayette, and being powerful=special in some sort of supernatural way would explain why Eric was drawn to Lafayette in the first place.

Eric orders Hadley to warn Sookie about Russell and not to trust Bill. What’s he up to? Alcide has to leave because Debbie burned down his sister’s hair salon. Before he leaves, he and Sookie share a sweet moment on the porch, he sniffing her as if to remember her scent. They both recognize that there is a spark, but they both know their hearts are still engaged elsewhere. Though he is reluctant to leave her unguarded, Sookie tells him she won’t spend her life running and that Bill will come if she needs him.

Hoyt and Tommy nearly get into it at Merlotte’s and Crystal’s posse comes looking for her. Sam tells them to leave in no uncertain terms, determined to keep Tommy from getting into a fray with them. Having keen noses, Sam and Tommy can tell these two ain’t human.

Bill is teaching Jessica how to fight so she can fight werewolves if need be, and Jessica, firmly believing in Bill and Sookie’s love, questions why they can’t be together. Bill asserts that Sookie doesn’t want him and that they are over and utters some Jessica speak, which was funny. Jessica shares the fact of her love for Hoyt with Bill, and Bill realizes with great sympathy that they both can’t be with their humans. You can see his resolve in his loyalty to her strengthening.

Hadley delivers her message and bolts, visibly shaking in her boots. Not before Sookie catches her remorseful thoughts and puzzles over the fact that Hadley has told them (a.k.a. the vampires) all about Sookie and that all this is all her fault. Lot’s of lurking tonight, hey Sookie?

Talbot and Russell argue again and Talbot starts smashing Russell’s antique collection. However, before Talbot can bring damage to Eric’s father’s crown, Eric stops him more gently than I’m sure he’d have liked to, and offers to keep Talbot company. This greatly pleases the king — and Talbot — and all seems well in Mississippi, for now. Of course we know all is not as it seems. Later, after a chess game against Eric that Talbot loses, he loftily orders Eric to undress. “I’m bored. Take off your clothes.” And well, the rest is glorious history. Just let me say, watching the encounter between Eric and Talbot, though it was brief, blew my mind. And in the end, it was all part of Eric’s plan for vengeance. He stakes Talbot, taking Russell’s family like Russell took his. No mercy whatsoever.

Back at Sookie’s the wolves have descended, and Debbie has come to take her pound of flesh out of Sookie with a couple of other wolves at her side. Of course Bill shows up, with Jessica, and the fight is on. While Sookie and Debbie trade blows, Bill kills a wolf and Jessica tries to kill the other one. Bill tries to go upstairs to help Sookie, but Jessica follows  the remaining wolf outside despite Bill’s warning to stay in the house where she would be safe. She runs right out the door and into Russell’s waiting arms. Russell wants to play let’s make a deal, offering to trade Bill the red one for the blonde one, and it is on between Russell and Bill. In a bid to save both Sookie and Jessica, Bill goads Russell into a “duel”, even though he knows it would take a miracle to win against a vampire as ancient as Russell. Luckily for Bill — and Sookie, it was at that moment that Eric staked Talbot, and Russell felt it in the worst way. Howling in grief, pain and fury, Russell takes off, launching himself into the sky. Not too far away, Jessica is draining the were that was chasing her when Russell released her as Hoyt drives by, crying as he listens to music. It so clearly demonstrated how they are on either ends of the spectrum with absolutely nothing even remotely similar about their lives to hold them together. Sookie slashes Debbie’s face with a pair of silver (or stainless steel?) scissors and lets Debbie go. Oh Sookie, don’t you know that when you take pity on a nasty villain like Debbie it always comes back to haunt you? You have not seen the last of Debbie.

But the piece de resistance of this episode was the final scene of Bill and Sookie making torrid, passionate, primal love on the floor amongst the rubble. Sookie was in full control and Bill was allowing her to dictate how it was going to go. It was like Bill was doing penance for hurting her, allowing her to retake her power and confidence, renewing the trust she had in the fact that he wouldn’t unleash the terrible creature that he was upon her and devour her, or steal her light. Very Poetic. Even though they reaffirmed their deep love for each other, something is broken. We’ve all been there once or twice. I’m sure things will look different in the light of day. I guess sometimes we just can’t get enough, even if we know something is doomed. I can’t wait until next week.

Get a sneak peek here via True Blood Nest!

~P.S.~ Even though there was tons of violence and sex in the last few minutes of this episode, I couldn’t help but keep thinking, “Gran’s poor house.”

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