Who Eric Is Balfour?

Who is Eric Balfour?

Who is Eric Balfour?

Good question. It seems like he has just leaped onto the big screen plucked from obscurity, but this isn’t the case. He’s been around for a long time, and thinking along the same lines as the designer Valentino did, Skyline producers thought Balfour’s presence had the charisma necessary to carry this movie to box office success.

This kind of “unknown under the radar” leverage has worked to an advantage before. Case in point: Sam Worthington in Avatar. James Cameron wanted someone no one had seen before but that audiences would find a deep connection with in order to make the blockbuster fantasy scifi epic work, so he cast Worthington. And this formula did indeed work like a charm.

Yes, the fact that Worthington embodied the iconic…[Read more…]

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