Wonder Woman Will Leave You Awestruck and Contemplative

Gal-Gadot-is-Wonder-WomanA Visually Stunning Movie Wonder Woman Wins Big

Hi guys! This will be pretty much a spoiler free review of the the blockbuster so you can read this before you go. And in my opinion, Wonder Woman is 2017’s best movie so far and definitely worth watching in the theater.

Most girls at one point or another remember dressing up and pretending to be Wonder Woman so this movie is a childhood dream come true for a lot of us. I know it is for me. Watching the Amazon princess from the mystical Themyscira walk confidently into battle, frustrated with the dishonor and heinousness of it all, was one of the most epic moments on film to date. It gave me chills. Most of this movie had me shivering with the intensity of my fangirling if I’m completely honest.

Wonder-Woman-and-the-God-KillerThis Wonder Woman movie will leave you awestruck and contemplative. It was more than just an action packed, legendary superhero extravaganza. In fact I didn’t rush to write this review because I needed time to make sense of how this film made me feel. And most likely when you leave the theater you will leave having thoroughly enjoyed the film, but also have this strange sense of the deeper meaning this movie was trying to imbue using a subtle strength that hits with the power of God Killer.


Visually Beautiful and Stunning

This movie is absolutely beautiful. Everything from the paradise blue landscapes of Themyscira to the somber backdrop of World War I were a feast for the eyes. Gal Gadot absolutely shined as the Amazonian warrior, so beautifully dressed in her tasteful and iconic Wonder Woman supersuit, complete with the warrior tiara, the wristbands, the Lasso of Truth. All the shots of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman were breathtaking. It was definitely a sight to behold and like I said it gave me tons of fangirl thrills and chills.

The CGI I thought was seamless, and I for one quite appreciate how at times it was obviously exaggerated and that the women did not move like real humans. After all we’re not dealing with typical humans are we?


Casting Perfection

Gal Gadot IS Wonder Woman. This Fast and Furious actor perfectly encapsulated all of Wonder Woman’s grace, power, beauty, innocence, charm, charisma, femininity, and amazing superhero confidence in a way that was inspiring. Gal Gadot wasn’t acting or pretending to be Wonder Woman. She’s the real deal. Few actors are born to play the roles they take on in their acting career. I’d say for Gal Gadot this is definitely one of them.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor was sublime. If you’ve seen him as Captain James T. Kirk you know he’s funny. He stood his own with Gal Gadot and their chemistry was undeniable. It was so refreshing to see how earnest and sweet and vulnerable he could be, and yet he was a hero in his own right and it took away nothing from Gal Gadot’s performance.

Connie Nielsen of Gladiator fame, and Robin Wright, our favorite Princess Bride, were absolutely fascinating and beautiful and fun to watch. The rest of the cast added to a movie that was already a winner from the opening 3 minutes. Overall I’d say the casting was a stroke of true genius.

Gal-Gadot-in-Wonder-Woman wonder-woman-gal-gadot

The Mythology of Wonder Woman

Throughout the entire movie the mythology of Wonder Woman that gave rise to one of superhero-dom’s greatest warriors was expertly woven into this origin story. It explained her innocence in childhood, her growth into a strong, confident and highly skilled warrior. It masterfully built the foundation for Diana to convince us that she was a young woman with fervent beliefs and ideals who wasn’t just playing at war. It satisfied our hunger for wanting to know all about her famous golden lasso, her gear, tiara, wristbands, her lineage. Everything. I promise you, you will eat it up.

Story Wise

The script itself was pretty much flawless, though there was one moment where I did feel impatient and wanted the movie to get on with it, but that happened only once. It was funny and hit all the right notes, serious at the right times, moving at the right moments and not one ounce felt forced or awkward. The Amazonian accents I could tell were made to try and match Gal Gadot’s natural accent and the era and roots in Greek myth, and because the rest of the movie was so on point, I could forgive the minor blunders.

The concept for this origin story felt plausible. Diana’s reason for embarking on her journey with Steve Trevor felt genuine. Her loss of innocence was poignant and heartbreaking, and the love that develops between Diana and the gallant World War I “average man” was bittersweet and rang a note so true it brought tears to my eyes.


A Satisfying End

At the end of this movie I forgot where I was. I forgot where I was because I was with Diana. I was with her during her loss, I was with her in her realization, I was with her in her triumph. Wonder Woman had allowed such a complete suspension of disbelief that I believed, truly believed that this world is worth saving.

And I think it was definitely intentional that Wonder Woman wanted us not only to leave the theater feeling the blush of pure satisfaction only a great movie can bring, but also leave us with a sort of unsettled contemplation, pondering whether or not we could fix this world if we made better choices.

Overall Wonder Woman is worth every penny and is time well spent. Five stars. It will reward your hopes that this movie for such a legendary and iconic figure in superhero history will be served, yet it was fresh and contemporary at the same time. Wonder Woman definitely delivers and more. Warner Bros, the DCEU, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins should be very proud.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now.

wonder-womanWhen you see Wonder Woman how will it leave you feeling? Tell me how you feel about it in the comments. Did my review ring true?

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